Our first project for Levi’s was to name and create a logo for a brand new line of jeans that allowed you to control the aging process through hot and cold water washes. The result was jeans that looked like they had 10 years of wear on them (specific to your body) in less than a year. This logo was implemented globally and translated for each major region. Shit looks crazy in Japanese.

Our second project was creating a number of pieces for an event that Levi's does with Goodwill. Each year, Levi’s teams up with Goodwill and asks people to donate their jeans to a good cause. We used the GIVE JEANS message on all collateral including in-store die cut posters, die cut postcards, stickers and pins. We even had special die cut donation bins made. In addition, we developed a radio promo, and dispatched t-shirt and boxer-clad street teams in major markets to help spread the word.




Levis Collateral Full 005-InStore 006-InStore