For most, a day spent lounging by the pool or on a tropical beach conjures images of rest and relaxation. Add daring toddlers and infants to the mix and you have a rather different scenario.

The founders of Aquaroo were intimately familiar with this situation. As parents who love spending time in the water with their young children, they were on a mission to turn a chaotic day at the pool into a carefree affair with their brand. They approached us with a simple logo, a font, basic guidelines, and a prototype of their revolutionary product – a neoprene baby carrier designed for the water. Over the following months we evolved the brand, helping to set a foundation for them to launch and grow their innovative, direct-to-consumer company.

The primary objective was to communicate the ease and peace of mind that Aquaroo provides families who love swimming and playing in the water. It was also critical that this unique brand didn’t get lost in the sea of derivative baby products.

By using a portion of the deconstructed logomark we designed a set of patterns, background graphics, and visual markers to create cohesion as we built out the brand’s physical and digital applications.

Custom illustrations can be found across the entire brand – from instruction manual, to website headers, to printed collateral. This is not only an effective differentiator against the photo-heavy competition, but also allows a potential customer to place themselves in the aspirational scenarios made possible by Aquaroo.

Lastly, to ensure people understood this was no ordinary baby carrier, we injected all of the copy with fun language centered around water activities.

Brand Evolution

001 aquaroo photo dadinpool a 002 aquaroo headline logo 003 aquaroo patterndiagram 004 aquaroo packaging hero 005 aquaroo carrier wetbag 006 aquaroo palmspringsmom 007 aquaroo instructionmanual 008 aquaroo dadinpool b 009 aquaroo spotillustrations 010 aquaroo website mobile 011 aquaroo desktop 017 aquaroo momatbeach animation 012 aquaroo website flats 013 aquaroo dadfishing animation 014 aquaroo brandguide 015 aquaroo momedgeofpool 016 aquaroo spotillustration dad